Sobriety Calendar 2005
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The Sobriety Calendar was created in 1990 by Charlie Bishop, AA archivist, author and publisher, and founder of the Bishop of Books. Charlie, based in Wheeling, WV, began collecting books on alcoholism in 1976 and over the years amassed the largest collection in private hands in the US before selling to Brown University’s Center of Alcohol Studies in 1995. In 2002 Charlie sold the Sobriety Calendar to Ritch Colbert after deciding to devote more time to his interest in AA archives and to continue publishing, lecturing, consulting and appraising in the field of alcoholism literature.

In 2005, Christopher Harrity joined the Sobriety Calendar team as art director and editor bringing his great talents and love for recovery to every page of the calendar. Jay Wheeler rounds out the team as sales rep, production and fulfillment coordinator and all-around aide-de-camp.

Ritch Colbert, our publisher, is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles for whom purchasing the calendar from Charlie was more than just a business opportunity. Over the years, Ritch had purchased more than 1,000 Sobriety Calendars to share with friends of the program, friendships that he developed and continues to enjoy during more than 34 years of sobriety. Like Christopher and Jay, Ritch is a good friend of the AA fellowship and enjoys carrying the message through a wonderful tradition – The Sobriety Calendar.


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